Friday, September 26, 2008

German minister disses George Bush

[Nairobi, Kenya]
WELL, I came to this cyber cafe to download some web apps like WordPress along with some other goodies. It also gives me a chance to download my emails in Mac Mail. One particular email caught my attention. It's from a ZD Net discussion I'm part of so I followed a link to a related article: Germany uses n-word to describe American policies.

Bush fire...
I give full props to the intelligent German populace who really know how to sniff out a useless politician compared to other countries. No wonder Germany is on the cutting edge in terms of good government and environmental policies. Anyhow, one particular minister was quite blunt about his impression of US president George Bush:
The harsh words from Germany’s Environmental Minister came after a meeting in Europe on reducing CO2 emissions. The American President presented his views there. Here’s some of what the German minister said, “”Bush’s Neanderthal speech…showed not leadership but losership. We are glad that there are also other voices in the United States.”
Shrewd comments...
One viewer really got my attention here. He was sooo on the ball, and I'd like to share his views with you. Take a peek at this:
We expect the government to do far too much for us these days. We run around with our hands out looking for breaks and complain about an energy crisis and food shortages and demand the goverment to do somthing and bail us out.


If you're so hell bent on carbon footprints and global warming turn off your computer right now, sell your car, and city condo, buy a few acres somwhere build a shelter, grow and hunt your own food during summer and try to survive the winter. If you are against big oil stop driving your car get a bike, etc. Change yourself!!!
too many people are too concerned with what other people are doing these days. Do you not have anything better to do with your life than complain about me burning tires, lol, and too many "environmentalist" expect everyone to change, but fail to take the step for themselves. Stop complaining, Unless you're driving an electric car, have solar panels on your roof, etc. thats all you are doing and nobody like whiners.

I do not advocate "environmentalism" it's a crock of S*** considering the biggest names are generally the worst offenders. It's politics and they want you to send them your $$$ so they strike up a cause and push it so you'll buy in. Just another place for the Gov't to claim to have spent your tax dollars... {source}
Hey, no arguments here. What about you? Most of you already know my solution to saving the planet. I'm telling you, this solution is easy to implement, and will empower citizens in a self sufficient manner. What is this so-called solution?

Hemp Farming in Africa: A Billion Dollar Industry?


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