Monday, March 5, 2007

Welcome to Go Africa go!

[Dar es Salaam, Tanzania]
LET'S face it!
Africa is on a meteoric rise of epic, economic proportions. Here's why:
  • In my opinion, the West, with the exception of Canada (go Canada go!), have very little natural resources simply because they've used up most or all of them to fuel their remarkable economies.

  • China & India are quickly becoming the new economic powers of the "here & now," and of the future, but they don't possess the bounty (or variety) of resources that's situated right here in Africa to fuel their long-term growth. Due to the emergence of these 2 countries, Africa is not beholden to the West for trade and now can obtain BETTER prices for her resources thanks to fair market competition which is something the West talks about a lot but, in practise, do very little when it comes to, for example, importing agricultural products from Africa that would quickly help to eliminate (or reduce) poverty.

  • Africa needs outside help (um, foreign investment of the intelligent kind) in order to move up to the next level instead of simply exporting valuable raw materials overseas which then come back at, perhaps, triple the price as a finished product. Billion$ of dollars are now flowing into countries like Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, Kenya, and Sudan to achieve this outcome.
This blog will "attempt" to:
  • Highlight all of the wonderful (and positive) economic developments that are taking place in order to fuel or encourage yet more economic activity

  • Encourage "COMMON SENSE economic development" (a phrase coined by Young Kimaro in her articles for the Daily News - Tanzania Standard Times)

  • Highlight possible economic or business opportunities for locals or sincere foreigners that are either untapped or that, perhaps, haven't even been considered

  • Give recognition (or props) to those companies or individuals (political/business/citizen leaders) who are committed to making Africa a better place for its citizens.

  • Provide tips or suggestions that might help Africa move up to the next level, thereby reducing her dependence on the West (and Asia) when it comes to economic sustainability

  • Highlight anything else that would put Africa in a positive light as opposed to all the negative media hoopla emanating from the West -- usually in order for "some" (not all) organizations and their employees to earn a paycheck while taking a vacation in Africa to spice up their resumes. (sorry for being blunt!) :-)
Due to my travels in Kenya and Tanzania (including Zanzibar) so far, there's no doubt that the best years for this region of Africa have yet to come. Hence, I eagerly look forward to exploring more of Tanzania, AND many of her neighbours (especially Mozambique) to observe for myself any possible "Go Africa go!" news or stories.

Finally, if you have any suggestions or topics that would fit in nicely with the "Go Africa go!" theme or mantra, please let me know..

Enjoy the ride!

Oh, "go Africa go!" :-)


Anonymous said...

I was in TZ around 2002. Nice blog. I saw ur link from a facebook TZ group note that you posted.


Anonymous said...

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