Thursday, September 4, 2008

50 cent cyber cafes in Nairobi

[Nairobi, Kenya]
GREETINGS FROM Faith Cyber Cafe here in the Diamond Shopping Plaza on Tom Mboya Street near the Bata store and Tuskys. I love coming here once in a while because the dudes who operate this place are always accommodating of me and my Mac laptop. Oh, did I mention how CHEAP it is to browse here? It's like 50 cents per minute folks. For you tourists from the West, that's half of a Kenya Shilling...not $0.50. That'd be too expensive!

Bye bye expensive cybers
Heck, in Karen (an expensive Nairobi suburb), everyone charges KSh 2 per minute to surf the Net. I remember this one cyber on Langata Rd. near Bomas. They were charging KSh 3 per minute. Can you believe that? What are they smoking? Please, somebody call the police for Information Super Highway ROBBERY. Gees. :-) Anyhow, I'm just waiting for those fibre optic cables to connect at Mombasa in late 2009 or so. ISPs keep saying that prices should drop by 75%. I'll believe it when I see. it.

Trim city...
By the way, this Diamond Shopping Plaza is one heck of a place. Why? Because it has tons of womens hair salons everywhere. It's like the Golden Computer Arcade in Kowloon (Hong Kong) where you'll find tons of computer hardware for sale at great prices. The only difference is that they're tons of hotties working in this 3 floor plaza doing a fabulous job making their female clientele look hot too. Any how, don't take my word. Just drop by for a "pleasant" visit. :-)

The price is right...
Again, Faith Cafe only charges 50 cents per minute. Heck, that's only KSh 30 per hour. How in Heaven's name are these peeps making coin? In fact, most of the cybers in this area of town charge this rate. Some even dare to charge KSh 1. How rude. :-)

All in all, I like coming here when I'm in town because the staff knows me, and they really take care of me. That's why they keep getting my business.

Happy web surfin folks!

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