Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Web Forum Watch: issue 1

[Nairobi, Kenya]
I FIND the Internet fascinating as hell. Why? Because you're able to quickly get an idea of what its tech-savvy population is thinking, simply by peeking web discussion forums regarding a multitude of topics. You just can't get that on the idiot box (oops, I mean TV).

Go Mambogani go!
Today, I want to share with you a few web forums that I was peeking. The site I chose was Mambogani.
Here's a description of the site if you happen to browse one of their pages: "Mambogani Kenyan Portal - Forums, News, Chat, Kenyan Music Videos, Blogs, Photos, Kenya Business Directory, Free Kenya Classifieds." If you're looking to peek their excellent forums, just go here: http://www.mambogani.com/forums/

The good stuff
Anyhow, the following forum topics really piqued my interest, and I'm grateful to those peeps over there who created said discussion threads. After all, knowledge is power. Right?
If you run across any interesting discussion forums, please send me the links. I just might include them in an upcoming Web Forum Watch issue.


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