Thursday, April 19, 2007

Coming soon to Go Africa go

[Nairobi, Kenya]WELL, I've got tons of stuff to write about right here on the Go Africa go! weblog, so keep an eye out for some regular posts that highlights something positive about Africa. Or that fits in well with the site's theme. Here are some ideas running through my head.
  • Best cyber cafes in Africa (or maybe Cyber cafe of the Week)
  • Communications spotlight (a look at an ISP or mobile operator making a difference)
  • Women on move (a tribute to African women who are getting things done)
  • Small business success story of the week (maybe month)
  • Movers & Shakers (a look at someone in politics who's making a real difference for their community...maybe!)
  • Artist/Performer of the week (month)
  • Faces of Africa (showcasing beautiful African women with that natural everyday "girl next door" look)
  • Mobile phone review (if possible...since this is main mode of communications)
  • Education Watch (a profile of a school, training facility, etc. that's making a difference for its students)
  • Night life spot of the week (maybe month)
  • City (or country) on the Move (a look at a city or country that's making the right moves)
  • Great finds (unique businesses that offer excellent products or services that myself or a reader have stumbled upon)
  • Places to go (a look at destinations and sites to visit)
  • and much, much have any ideas?
Well, what do you think? If you have a suggestion for a re-occurring blog topic, please post a comment here. I'm hopoing that said topics will keep readers coming back for more good stuff.

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