Sunday, June 15, 2008

Solutions to 10 Annoying Microsoft Word features

[Nairobi, Kenya]
AS THE undisputed Internet whore of the world, I'm used to browsing interesting websites loaded with tons of handy information. Today, I'm gonna introduce you to a site that's one of my many "secret weapons" of knowledge deep inside cyber space. Folks, please say hello to TechRepublic.

Word: the bitchy, fussy processor...
I don't know about you, but sometimes when I'm using Word, I feel as though I'm on a hot date with the ultimate tease who won't do my bidding. :-) If you feel the same way, perhaps this blog post will come in handy. It came in my trusty GMail inbox courtesy of a free ZDNet email subscription. No doubt this text got my attention:

I know for a fact that tons of people here in East Africa are using Word to create various types of , um, documents. Hopefully these tips, courtesy of Jody Gilbert, will go a long way in helping them tame that unpredictable wild beast hiding behind that pretty graphical user interface. :-)


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